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I'm a crafting mom of three boys. I'm just setting out on the autonomous learning adventure with my middle son who's 7 yrs old. I'm a carer for my eldest is 13, who has ADHD/ODD and makes me laugh, cry or tear my hair out. My youngest is a sweety with a cheeky smile and my saving grace. This is my journey into helping my son into the autonomous life, as for him, school is no place to learn.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lucky me, oops!?

Happy times
Well what a mixture last week turned out to be, certainly one I hope some parts will never be repeated! It began so well, on Tuesday I got an e-mail informing me I'd won a competion and the prize was a polymer clay kit. I've been toying with the idea of trying clay out for a while so really pleased! The kit arrived on Thursday and I've had a sneaky peek, but I've decided to get a few ideas together before I start instead of diving straight in like I usually do. I'm thinking about trying a few designs in the boys Play-doh before, as it's been a while since I last used any sort of clay.

Panicking? Me? Never!!
I've also bitten the bullet booked my first craft fair. I'm so nervous, but really looking forward to it too. I spent the day after I booked frantically going through all the pieces I've already made, doing any final finishes, adding cords and bagging and listing everything. I have absolutely no idea of how to price it all or just how I'm going to display everything. So I'm also trying to sort all the practical things out at the same time as making more jewellery. I'm convinced my stall's going to look bare compared to all the rest.  I've only two and a half weeks, I think I'll struggle sort it all out, fingers crossed X!

Oh Dear
Finally, after being so pleased with how the week had been, Sunday I crashed my car. I say crashed, what I mean is, I rolled my car straight into the back of another. So unimpressed with myself. Six years and not a thing (if you ignore the time I took my wing mirror off!!) and I ruin it!! By somehow, from a total standstill in a queue of traffic, rolling it forward??  and poking a neat little hole through the bumper of some-one elses pride and joy with the screw from my numberplate. He'd moved forward, I was so sure, but apparently not. Ohhh the shame!!! At least the insurance companies are happy...

So I'll leave you now with a pic of my fav creation of the week. All the links are made by my own fair hands. Well they were fair, but after filing all the rings they're a bit tatty now! Still, I love the end result so it was worth it....

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