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I'm a crafting mom of three boys. I'm just setting out on the autonomous learning adventure with my middle son who's 7 yrs old. I'm a carer for my eldest is 13, who has ADHD/ODD and makes me laugh, cry or tear my hair out. My youngest is a sweety with a cheeky smile and my saving grace. This is my journey into helping my son into the autonomous life, as for him, school is no place to learn.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have a break...

Last weeks 'big' idea!
After a few hectic days, and then feeling uninspired and totally unable to move past my mental block, I've finally started to make some progress in my latest piece. I've had a black agate heart for a few weeks and totally fell in love with it. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but after 3 failed attempts it was beginning to stress me a lil bit!!

So I decided to put down the pliers, before I threw them, and do some something useful. I dug out all my beading and jewellery mags, the glue stick and a old folder and started my own inspration scrapbook. I think the magazines are brilliant, but there's more adverts than useful pics. Most times I have a good look through them, then they're put away with the rest and I quickly forget about them. So now I've got loads of ideas to set me off and none of the annoying bits, plus I've no piles of mags clutter!

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