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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spiral Earring Tutorial

Ok, this is my first ever tutorial, so I'm hoping you'll please bear with me!! I've based these on some rather pretty earrings I saw while out shopping a few weeks ago. I can't wear earrings myself, which is disappointing as I'm rather pleased with how these turned out.

Here's a list of the components I used:

Two 5" lengths of 18 awg/1mm silver-plated copper wire (or thicker than 21awg/0.71mm)
Two headpins 0.7mm x 60mm
Two 6mm jump rings
Ten 2.5mm silver-plated spacer beads
Ten 4mm beads (I used Czech Fire Polished)
Two hook ear wires

As well as these, you'll also need round and flat nose pliers, cutters, a needle file and a 8mm knitting needle or something of a similar width.

Start by threading the 4mm and spacer beads alternately on to the headpins. Then make an wrapped loop to hold beads

Next, file both ends of the 5" wire, then form a wrapped loop on each, ensuring one wrap starts from the left of the wire, the other the right as shown below.

 Now twist the wire around the 8mm knitting needle to form the spirals, starting withe the loop flat against the needle. Remember that the pieces will have to bent in the opposite directions if you want symetrical spirals! Wrap the wire so it is approximately as long as inner drops.

Take the spirals off the needle and using the flat nosed pliers, bend the loop into the center of the spiral. Make a small loop in the bottom of the spiral wire and flatten slightly to neaten up the wire.

Now you need to insert the bead drop up into the spiral and use the jump rings to fasten the loops together. If the drop is longer than the spiral, carefully pull the spiral til around the same length. Finally attach the ear wire to the spiral loop (again make sure the bends at the loop are pointing in opposite directions!) and there you have your earrings complete!

Well I hope you enjoyed reading the tut, and hopefully you'll have a go at making them. If you do, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism or comments on how I did!


jesicam said...

This was explained very well and the photos are great visuals to clear up any confusion, great job.

liv2huntsluv said...

Very Awesome I loved it your tutorial was easy to understand and follow Thank you for the Idea I loved them once again .Beautiful >

Angels-own said...

Thank you both for your comments!!

Mammaw Diane said...

Thank you for sharing your pattern. I hope you don't mind if I use it for something similar. Beautiful!

Angels-own said...

You're welcome Diane and please do!

Judybelle said...

a-HA! I have been holding on to some pretty beads. Now I have found your pretty design to show them off perfectly!! I'll post a picture when I am finished!!

Kathleen Henry said...

These are great! Going to wear mine to dinner tonight! Thank you so much.

Angels-own said...

Judy, Please do!! I'd love to see them!!

Kathleen, I hope your dinner was great!

Jamie Rios said...

This was a great tutorial!! I make paper beads, and this will be perfect to show them off! Im just starting to try and make jewelery, ABC your tutorial was easier than most for a beginner to understand..have you done others since? Where can I find them?

Angels-own said...

Jamie, thank you so much. This is the only one so far, but hopefully I will be posting more soon.

Rhonda Tenderholt said...

Beautiful job on the earrings and tutorial. I can't wait to try them out.

Anonymous said...

Love them, very nice and easy tut. Congrats!!!!